Music tells a story.
So do the places where it lives.

Every day people around the world are gathering to hear their favorite music performed live.

Arenas, theaters, opera houses, music clubs, dive bars, outdoor stages… No matter what their size or location, these venues have personalities as varied as the musicians that perform on their stages and the fans who frequent their shows. Just as music fans follow their favorite artists, they can be just as loyal to certain music venues in their home cities. Many of these venues are even held almost sacred by both the fans and musicians alike.

The docu-series, “Where The Music Lives,” will explore what makes these often unexpected gems of artistic culture so near and dear to the music community.

For each episode of “Where The Music Lives,” we will visit another city and explore it’s music scene. Searching out some of the most historic – sometimes obscure – music venues, we will tell their stories through photography, video, interviews, historic archives, and the voices of the community that surrounds them.