katiehildrethKatie Hildreth
Series Creator / Director

Katie Hildreth is an entrepreneur, business manager, marketing guru, producer, promoter, and graphic designer with over 25 years of experience.  Her career has included providing services such as print, web, and packaging design, social media management, booking, artist development and management, event and studio recording production, and non-profit work. Her long and varied list of clients includes: Lee Roy Parnell, Keb’ Mo’, Travis Tritt, Chas Sandford, Wendy Moten, Joseph Wooten, E1 Entertainment, Fleur de Son Classics, and the Donna Summer estate, among many others.

Her work as the former board president of The Buffalo Music Hall of Fame, along with her involvement in the rich and diverse music scenes in Buffalo and Nashville, have lead to her love of live music venues, and the stories and communities that surround them. When she’s not designing, brainstorming, or project planning, you can most likely find Katie mingling and taking photos at Nashville’s many music venues.

noizepro.com  |  linkedin.com/in/katiehildreth  |  facebook.com/katie.hildreth

barbarapotterBarbara Potter

Barbara Potter lists her top 4 passions on her website as Photography, Music, Relationships, and Travel. From the moment she and the director connected, it was obvious that she was perfect for this project.

“For as long as I can remember, I have been a shutter bug. My first camera I bought was a little toy-like spy camera that was the size of a matchbox. It had little rolls of film and was a lot of fun to use. Thinking back now, it was probably where my love for candid shots was born! ”

Barbara and her singer-songwriter husband, Ben Potter, split their time between Seattle and Nashville.

Website: barbarapotterphotography.com

mauricebarrettMaurice Barrett

Maurice Barrett is a self-made cinematographer who has learned his art through the school of Youtube. After a lifetime of loving films, he decided seven years ago to take a leap into the unknown of freelancing. Maurice has since travelled the world shooting primarily in the realms of documentaries, fashion, and music. He currently resides in Austin, TX where he still indulges in his childhood habit of movie marathons.

Website: mauricebarrett.com

robbyarmstrongRobby Armstrong

Robby Armstrong has been on stage for over 35 years producing his own albums through out the years.  Most recently his self titled album was produced by himself and Darrell Brown and recorded in Nashville. Along with producing and writing he has a band that works 4/5 days a week.  He has had several songs in a Cohen Brothers movie and has written the music for a award winning digital children’s Book called Samuel T. Moore of Corte Magore. He also has a local TV show called the Robby Armstrong Show that has won the West Coast Wave Award for his show with Nico Bolas. Along with his many accomplishments and write ups he has been a family man with his wife and 4 children. As soon as she started to think about a voice for this project, Katie Hildreth remembered being struck by a client’s strong speaking voice at a show. After reaching out to Robby and discussing his previous voice over work, and his own thoughts on music venues, there was another perfect fit for the show.

Website: RobbyArmstrong.net

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Post-Production / Production Consulting: Greg Page, PK Pictures (pkpictures.com)